In the News

Public Interest
A number of his studies have been featured in major news and information outlets, including: the Journal of the American Medical Association News, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Fox News, National Public Radio, and the BBC. His recent study of Salvia Divinorum’s effects using YouTube videos earned him recognition by Wired UK magazine’s feature "25 Big Ideas for 2011.”

Expert Resource
He has served as a resource for local and national journalists for stories on topics that include: alcoholic energy drinks, designer drugs, youth binge drinking, impaired driving, marijuana legalization, and impaired driving. He has been interviewed for print, web, radio and television news outlets.

Dr. Lange’s work often breaks out of the “Ivory Tower” of academics, and into the public sphere. He is always ready to help bring important alcohol and drug related information to the general public. Sometimes the buzz on research can bend to a political agenda. His research is sometimes the focus of the story, and sometimes he is interviewed as an expert to discuss others research or a particular topic. His own research has been described as like Galileo and innovative by some and a waste of money and negative by others. Yet through it all, Dr. Lange has steadfastly remained true to his research instincts and the data he’s gathered.

Dr. Lange has appeared on television, radio, podcast, blogosphere and newspaper, both in the U.S. and abroad. He’s also authored op-ed pieces. News of Dr. Lange includes coverage of his research, serving as an expert resource and at times controversy over his studies. Here is a partial list of examples of all three.

Topics include:
Border Binge Drinking
Salvia Divinorum Prevalence
Salvia Divinorum's Effects
Alcoholic Energy Drinks
Bath Salts and other synthetic designer drugs
Drunk Driving
Designated Drivers
Smartphone Breathalyzers / BAC Estimation
Medical Marijuana and Marijuana Legalization
College Drinking Policy
Prescription Drug Abuse
Rape by Intoxication
Racial Profiling
Alcoholic Enema ("Butt-Chugging")

Recent Major Appearances include:
Wired UK Magazine
BBC Radio 4